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20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 4/12

Apr 12, 2017 -- 7:40am

Q… According to this study there is nothing better for your salary than having five of these … what is it?


A… Letters in your name 


A career website called The Ladders wanted to find the connection between your NAME and your salary.  So they analyzed the names, jobs, and salaries of almost six million people, and came up with some great conclusions. 


First off, there's nothing better for your salary than having a FIVE-LETTER NAME.  In fact, for every letter OVER five, the average salary dropped $3,600.  It leveled off around nine letters . . . at $14,400 less than people with five-letter names.


In other words, if you've got a nickname, you might want to use it professionally.


For example, the study found that Steve, Bill, Debbie, and Chris all have higher salaries than Stephen, William, Deborah, and Christopher.


People with four-letter first names made slightly LESS than people with five-letter names . . . but more than anyone with six-letter names or more.  And people with THREE-letter names made significantly less than four- or five-letter names.


The shorter version of a name also made more than the longer version of the same name in virtually every case.  For example, someone named Sarah with an "h" at the end makes less on average than Sara without the "h."


And check out the five HIGHEST-PAID NAMES for men and women . . .


The five highest paid names for women are Lynn, Melissa, Cathy, Dana, and Christine.


And the five female names most likely to be CEO are Christine, Denise, Cindy, Shannon, and Sarah.


The five highest paid names for MEN are Tom, Rob, Dale, Doug, and Wayne.


And the five male names most likely to be CEO are Bob, Lawrence, Bill, Marc, and Martin. 


20 Minute Trivia for Tuesday 4/11

Apr 11, 2017 -- 7:40am

Q.. Over 95% of the people in this survey say don’t do this on the first date if you want a second date… what is it?


A… Sing


I'm sad we even NEED to say this, because it SHOULD be obvious.  But when you sing on a first date, there's a 24 out of 25 chance you're NOT going to end up with a second date.


In a  survey by the social dating website, only 4% of people . . . or one in 25 . . . say that singing on a first date is a good idea.  That includes going to a karaoke bar . . . or just busting out some Jodeci in the car at the end of the night.


Here are some more results from the survey about what does and doesn't make for a good first date . . .


67% of people say the WORST conversation topic is to talk about an ex.  Personal medical issues came in as the second worst topic . . . politics came in third . . . and religion was fourth.


81% of people say that the guy should pay on a first date.  1% say the woman should pay.  The rest say it depends on the situation.


35% of women say it's cool to split the check, versus only 18% of men.


The average man says he's figured out if he really likes his date within 15 minutes.  The average woman waits until the end of the date to make up her mind.

20 Minute Trivia for Friday 4/7

Apr 07, 2017 -- 7:25am

Q… Guys over half of the women in this survey say they are more likely to date a guy who owns one of these… what is it?

A… A dog


According to a this poll, 55% of women and 38% of men are more likely to date someone with a pet.  And over half the people surveyed said a dog is the MOST attractive pet you can have.


20% of women also said that owning a CAT makes a guy more attractive.  But apparently guys still buy into the whole "cat lady" thing.  Because only 5% said they're more likely to date a woman who has a cat.


And across the board, the LEAST attractive pet you can have is a SPIDER, because so many people are afraid of them.  Meaning that the same probably goes for things like snakes and rats.


As far as the reasoning behind all this . . . women say that men with pets tend to be kinder and more nurturing than the average guy.  And according to guys, women with pets are more FUN.


20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 4/6

Apr 06, 2017 -- 7:41am

Q.. Almost a forth of the couples in this study say after they moved in together an argument occurred because of this… what is it?


A… Closet space


 I think we know what happened to those t-shirts you can't find, bro.  You know . . . the ones that said "FBI: Female Body Inspector."  And, "I Got Crabs at Joey's Clam Shack."

According to this survey, 34% of women admit they've secretly thrown out some of their boyfriend or husband's CLOTHES.

There are two main reasons.  One, to get rid of them so he'd stop wearing them.  And two, to free up more closet space for THEMSELVES.

Check out four other things they found . . .

1.  When couples share a closet, women take up the majority of it.  Shocker, I know.

2.   20% of couples have FOUGHT over closet space.

3.  5% are in a fight about it RIGHT NOW.

4.  And one-third of women have spread their clothes into the OTHER closets in the house. 


20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 4/5

Apr 05, 2017 -- 7:34am

Q… They are an important part of our lives and according to this study, on average, we have eleven of them a week… what is it ?

A… A meal


Not to sound like an Italian mother . . . but you've REALLY got to eat more.  According to a study of 2,000 adults, the average person only eats ELEVEN full meals a week.  That's not even an average of two full meals a day.

About half of people skip breakfast daily . . . 30% regularly skip lunch . . . and one-third skip dinner.

Now . . . we're not exactly going hungry.  A lot of the reason people skip lunch and dinner is because they're eating snacks throughout the day, so they're not in the mood to sit down for a full meal.

The study also found that the average person only cooks four times a week . . . half of people blame their busy lifestyle for skipping meals . . . and 10% will just DRINK ALCOHOL for dinner if they know they're going out.


20 Minute Trivia for Tuesday 4/4

Apr 04, 2017 -- 7:38am

Q… According to this study the average employee will be asked to do this almost 7000 times over the course of their career …. What is it?


A… Attend a meeting.


The study found the average employee sits through 6,239 meetings in their career.  And 60% of us say most of them are POINTLESS.


Here are the top ten things we do to get through them . . .



1.  Doodling.


2.  Daydreaming about what you'll do on the weekend.


3.  Thinking about what you'll have for dinner.


4.  Zoning out, or staring out a window.


5.  Looking around at other people in the room.


6.  Thinking about what's on TV that night.


7.  Thinking about how much you hate your job.


8.  Checking Twitter or Facebook.


9.  Texting.


10.  Making a shopping list.


And one in five people admit they've fallen ASLEEP in a meeting before. 


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