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20 Minute Trivia for Monday 2/27

Feb 27, 2017 -- 7:41am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:


Q ... According to this study guys do this on average 13 hours a week, and 60% say their wife doesn’t even know about it… what is it?

A ... Doing house work!!


This survey took place in the UK, but we have no reason to think the results would be any different here According to the survey, the average man spends 13 hours a week doing housework.

Broken down, it works out to 6.9 hours a week taking care of the kids, 4.7 hours doing chores around the house, and 1.5 hours on home improvement projects.  But listen to this . . .

60% of men say the work they do around the house goes unnoticed by their girl.  And the reason it goes unnoticed is because . . . unlike women . . . men don't, quote, "make a fuss" about all the work they do. 

Overall, HALF of all men say women, quote, "show off more than men about the jobs they do in the home."


20 Minute Trivia for Friday 2/24

Feb 24, 2017 -- 7:48am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q ... Not too long ago this was predominately woman’s work, but just over half of the men in this survey say they now take it on… What is it?

A ... The family grocery shopping.

Marketing experts, however, believe that despite the rising number of men doing the grocery shopping, women still call the shots when it comes to what items to buy.

But advertisers, who have always targeted women when it comes to grocery items, might begin to take notice of the growing trend of male shoppers. 

A Cartwheel is no way to get out of a D.U.I

Feb 23, 2017 -- 7:48am

I'm not sure I could pull off a quality cartwheel while drunk.  Mostly because I can't pull one off sober.

A 23-year-old woman named Bryelle Marshall was pulled over in Albuquerque, New Mexicoon Friday night, and the cop wanted to give her the standard sobriety tests like walking in a straight line.

But instead of doing that, Bryelle did a pretty good CARTWHEEL.  The cop told her not to do that . . . but about two minutes later, she did another one.  That one WASN'T so graceful, and she wound up falling down.

In between the cartwheels, she was giggling and stumbling around.  And she was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated drunk driving. 

Here is the Video


20 Minute Trivia for Thursday 2/23

Feb 23, 2017 -- 7:39am

 Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q ... Most people do this on average twice a year, and that’s usually because it arouses one of their scenes.. What is it?

A ... Clean out the refrigerator!


We're all guilty of letting food go bad in the fridge. Whether it's the left-over sesame chicken that's sprouting green hair or the milk that's turned into cottage cheese, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned out once in a while.

Most Americans clean their fridge only once or twice a year, and that's usually because they smell a horrible odor of something has spilled.

In Whirlpool's refrigerator habits survey, 33 percent said they don't spend any time cleaning the refrigerator before grocery shopping. 27 percent reported shoving everything in and not worrying about organization.

Experts say refrigerators need to be cleaned out regularly to reduce bacteria such as E. coli.

20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 2/22

Feb 22, 2017 -- 7:36am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q.. According to a This survey more than one in five people say they hang on to this in hopes of finding a mate… What is it?

A.. an un matched sock!

The survey looked at people and old clothes and found some interesting insights. Here are some more results.

Men are more likely to hoard old clothes because of nostalgia.. like they hang on to their high school football shirt until they are middle aged.

Women on the other hand hang on to old clothes because they fear they will have nothing to wear on laundry day.

And the average person says they only wear about 70% of the underwear they own, or about seven out of every 10 pairs.

20 Minute Trivia for Tuesday 2/21

Feb 21, 2017 -- 7:44am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q... In 1971 less than 1% of U.S. households had one of these, now there are  only 5% who do not have one… What is it?

A... A microwave oven.

Even though this seems IMPOSSIBLE in this day and age . . . 5% of American households don't have microwaves.  It's true.  I'm not sure exactly what they're doing without them . . . but they're microwave-free.

In 1971, 46 years ago, less than 1% of households in the U.S. had microwaves. 

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