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20 Minute Trivia for Friday 3/24

Mar 24, 2017 -- 7:34am

20 Minute Trivia



Q… They provide it for you to use at work however the average company has 2% stolen each year   what is it ?


A… Toilet Paper


Here are five random stats about the toilet . . .



1.  The average person spends THREE YEARS of their life sitting on the toilet.



2.  The first movie to show a toilet flushing was ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S "Psycho" in 1960 . . . and people were OUTRAGED.



3.  The average person uses 57 squares of toilet paper per day.  That's 20,805 squares of toilet paper in a year . . . or about 42 rolls.



4.  The average company has approximately 2% of their toilet paper supply stolen by customers and employees every year.



5.  The majority of Americans prefer to hang the toilet paper roll in the "over" style, where you pull down to get your toilet paper.  Hanging it in the "under" style, where you pull up to get your toilet paper, is much less popular.  Who are you people?


20 Minute Trivia for Thursday 3/23

Mar 23, 2017 -- 7:37am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:


Q… Just over one third of the men in this survey say they lie to their wife or girlfriend when it comes to this…. What is it?

A… When asked “ Dose this make my butt look big?”


Be careful about asking your boyfriend or husband, "Does this make my butt look big?"  Because, unfortunately for BOTH of you, he's probably going to give you an honest answer.

In this survey, only 35% of men say they'd LIE.  The other two-thirds say they WOULD give an honest answer . . . although a lot of them would try to change the subject first.

20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 3/22

Mar 22, 2017 -- 7:37am

Here’s today’s 20 Minute Trivia:


Q.. According to this study the average 18 to 34 year old spends at least four hours a day using  this accessory  …. What is it?


A… headphones


If it seems like people spend WAY too much time wearing headphones these days . . . now there's some data to back it up.

According to this survey, the average person between 18 and 34 spends FOUR HOURS a day wearing headphones.  And a lot of them have trouble doing ANYTHING without them.  Here are six more stats from the survey.

1.  53% own at least three pairs of headphones.

2.  81% say they NEED to listen to music to get going in the morning.

3.  73% admit they sometimes wear headphones to avoid talking to people.

4.  48% wear them every day at work or school.

5.  40% would skip a workout if they got to the gym and realized they left their headphones at home.

6.  And 62% say they'd rather go a day without ANY human interaction than a day without their music.


20 Minute Trivia for Tuesday 3/21

Mar 21, 2017 -- 7:35am

Here is to day’s 20 Minute Trivia:


Q… According to this study the average woman will spend at least 60 days of her life doing this with her phone… what is it?


A… Talking to her mom.


Your mother has devoted every second of her life to you since the moment you were born.  Keep that in mind when you hear this number if you think it sounds like a lot.


According to this survey, the average woman spends TWO MONTHS of her life on the phone with her mother.


That's an average of three calls a week at 16 minutes each.  So that's 48 minutes a week . . . or approximately 42 hours a year.  From age 18 to 50, that adds up to right around two full months.


The number one subject a woman talks to her mom about is . . . family issues.  The rest of the top 10 subjects are:  Her children, work, health issues, her siblings, what's on TV, money, shopping, friends, and gossip.


The survey found women only talk to their fathers for seven minutes a week.  That's only six hours a year . . . or a total of just eight full days in their lifetime. 

20 Minute Trivia for Monday 3/20

Mar 20, 2017 -- 7:33am

Here is to day’s 20 Minute Trivia:


Q.. According to this study, lady’s if you cut the amount of this you do by around half , you will seem as more attractive … What is it?


A…  The amount of Make-up you put on.


Unfortunately, we're not ready as a society to recognize that women look their best WITHOUT makeup.  Maybe we'll get there one day.  Or . . . maybe that's just not true.


Anyway, this` study from Bangor University in England figured out how much makeup women should wear to MAXIMIZE their attractiveness.


And researchers found that women were rated their most attractive when they wore a pretty SMALL amount of makeup . . . basically just enough to highlight what's good without overpowering someone.


They found that when women toned down the amount of makeup they wore by about 40%, their photos were rated the most attractive.


In other words, next time you're doing your makeup, try using a little more than HALF of what you normally use. 

20 Minute Trivia for Friday 3/17

Mar 17, 2017 -- 7:32am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:


Q… According to this study the average man looses his ability to do this at 53…. What is it?


A… Make good fashion choices


Basically EVERYTHING is politically incorrect these days, so when we get something that we're allowed to judge, we've got to jump on it.  And men's terrible fashion choices definitely qualify.


A new survey found the average man loses his fashion sense at 53 . . . and 42% of them are PROUD of it.


The survey also found the top 10 things men over 40 shouldn't wear.


They are:  Hoodies . . . track pants . . . sports jerseys . . . white socks . . . baseball caps . . . leather jackets . . . white sneakers . . . band t-shirts . . . flip flops . . . and track jackets.


A few things that just missed the top 10 are leather pants . . . "funny" ties . . . bomber jackets . . . fanny packs . . . and, of course, Speedos. 

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