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I've been boucing around the Baltimore radio dial since I was 17 years old (Good God have I been doing this for 20 years????), and I still love playing music and talking to people from all over Charm City!  And now I get to do that on a station I've been listening to since I was a little kid. 

When I'm not on the radio, I'm usually hanging with my kids, doing charity work with my Freemason brothers or playing and singing with my rock band "Collect All 5"

I'm a rock & roll nerd for sure, and hanging out with me may be a little like having a talking Wikipedia page standing nearby.

If I had enough hair left, I'd probably be wearing it in a pompadour, and wherever I am there's a good bet I've got on my Blue Suede shoes. 

My kids are being raised on the Holy Trinity of American Rock & Roll:  Elvis, Dylan and the Boss.  And of course the Beatles....And the Stones....And Led Zep.....and.....well you get the idea!

Catch you on the radio people!  Feel free to Facebook or Tweet me anytime!
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