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I'm getting ready to go on a much needed vacation.  Heading down to OBX for the week, so I'm looking forward to all that the trip has to offer.  This is a family trip, but I have been lucky enough to take the crazy girls-weekend trips and have done a few Rock and Roll cruises.  When I was in my rowdy 20's, we never have the luxury of finding vacations  in 2 seconds by going to a website, so planning is so much more fun and convenient nowadays.  Check this one out... a website devoted to putting together your favorite rock and roll vacation!  I'm sure you'll have to save the pennies up for one of these, but definite "bucket list" trips are available.  Meantime, while you're dreaming, listen to The Bay all weekend.  We'll take your mind off reality with tickets for some crazy summer Blockbusters.  And, oh yeah, more Classic Rock than you can handle:)  See you when I get back!



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