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Check out this rare photo that was taken with Bruce Springsteen and his dad on a family trip to Tijuana when he was still a struggling musician back in 1972.  Bruce has made it known that he had a difficult relationship with his dad, Douglas, and a lot of his song lyrics were inspired by that relationship.  There's not many pictures of his father, so this one is very valuable and memorable.  Bruce says once they got to Tijuana, some guys approached them asking them if they wanted their picture taken on a Zebra??  Bruce says:  "Well, we looked at each other – who could believe this, right? Zebras are in Africa. And so we said, 'Well if you've got a zebra, we definitely want to have our picture taken.' So we give him ten bucks and he takes us around this corner, and he's got … he's got a damn donkey with stripes painted on its side. "And he pulls out these two hats – one says Pancho, one says Cisco – I swear – and he sits us on the donkey and takes our picture. My mother's still got that picture." 

This photo is all part of a new online Springsteen memorabilia museum which you can be a part of at BlindedByTheLight.com  Other items on display at BlindedByTheLight.com include: 

• An early address book with phone numbers of bandmates along with lyrics to "Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?" 
• Bruce's first driver's license from California 
• His 8th–grade report card from St. Rose of Lima Catholic School … with a surprisingly low mark in music 

Speaking of Bruce, be here for An All American weekend starting at 3pm on Thursday, July 3rd!


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