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Welcome to 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Blog from Jefferson The Craft Beer Guy!

Check out pics from the Greene Turtle Owings Mills Craft Beer Party Here.

November 20, 2015 – Jailbreak Brewing Quality Standards

Earlier this year I got together with Justin Bonner, who along with Kasey Turner, formed Jailbreak Brewing in 2013 and began brewing their delicious liquids in 2014.  Their beautifully designed brewery and taproom are located in Laurel and is a great place to spend part of your day… as I did on Monday.
With so many great craft beers being produced in Maryland, Jailbreak has been able to stand out because of their intense commitment to quality.  I asked Justin to talk about that commitment.
(Justin Bonner talks about brewing standards.  To hear Justin’s audio, click here: 
I then asked Justin about how Jailbreak Brewing comes up with ideas for new craft beers.
(Justin Bonner talks about creating new beers.  To hear Justin’s audio, click here: 
So… now it’s time for a beer.
(Justin Bonner talks about Smoke on the Waterfront.  To hear Justin’s audio, click here: 
Jailbreak Brewing.  This is one of the best.
For a look inside the Jailbreak Brewery, go to thebayonline.com, keyword “Beer”.
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November 13, 2015 – Maryland Craft Beer Competition

At some point in life, we’ve all heard the saying that competition makes us better.   Regardless of what we’re doing, competition gives us the chance to look at our own  performance… our own business… our own product… and think about ways to improve,  refine or even reinvent.

Over the last five years, the craft beer industry has exploded, literally doubling the volume  of barrels of beer produced­­­and enjoyed!  Some of the growth has come from brands  gaining popularity because they are that good; some has come from more breweries  opening; and some has come from more people discovering the incredible flavors, colors  and aromas of great craft beer!  Maryland, and our neighbors in Pennsylvania, DC and  Delaware, are a big part of all of that­­­some brands have become more popular, new  breweries have opened and more and more people are falling in love with craft beer. With so many good things happening with craft beer, the competition to produce  consistently excellent beer and to improve on brewing methods has never been greater.   And with all of this great beer, it’s only natural that awards should be given for the best of  the best!

This year, for the 10th year in a row, the Brewers Association of Maryland hosted the  Maryland Craft Beer Competition.  Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals were awarded in the  following categories: Pale Lagers and Pilsners; Amber Lagers, Dark Lagers and Bocks;  Amber Ales; Pale Ales; IPAs; Brown Ales; Stouts; Porters; Strong Beers; Wheat Beers; Sour  Beers and American Wilds; Fruit, Wood or Smoked Beer; and Spiced Beer.  Then from all of  these medalists, three craft beers are awarded the Comptroller’s Cup for Best in Show: one  Gold, one Silver and one Bronze.  For a complete list of all medalists and the three  Comptroller’s Cup for Best in Show winners, click here:  http://marylandbeer.org/comptrollers-cup-results-announced/

And to all the breweries who competed in the 10th Annual Maryland Craft Beer Competition:



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November 6, 2015 – Patterson Pumpkin Ale from Full Tilt

As you might recall, a few weeks ago I related a story about joining Full Tilt’s Nick Fertig  and a group of about ten of his friends at their weekly beer tasting at a home in Towson.   Their concept is another example of how the fascinating world of craft beer can be  celebrated.  
Here’s how these guys do it: each person brings a craft beer that they have discovered and  then shares the beer and the story behind the beer with the group.  After pouring the beer  into everyone’s mug, each person essentially introduces the beer to their friends, giving the  name, the brewery, tasting notes and maybe adding comments about the aroma or how  they came across this particular craft beer.  Then everyone drinks the beer and discusses  what they notice about the beer of the moment.  Finally, everyone gives the beer a rating,  from 
1- 10.  The ratings are averaged to produce a group score.  The beer’s name, the  averaged rating, and selected comments are then entered into a log book.  The log book is  filled with pages and pages of beer ratings, all alphabetized.  It was cool just looking  through this log book. 
Well one of the craft beers that we savored that night was Patterson Pumpkin, an  outstanding imperial pumpkin ale.  Here’s Nick Fertig from Full Tilt on Patterson Pumpkin, a  craft beer created with co­owner, Dan Baumiller:
(Nick Fertig talks about Patterson Pumpkin.  To hear Nick’s audio, click here:  http://pro.wzba­fm.tritonflex.com/common/page.php?id=3711)
It’s November.  Fall is alive!  And Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away!  Grab a Patterson  Pumpkin from Full Tilt and taste a spectacular craft beer!
100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy
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October 30, 2015 – Sykesville Chili and Beer Festival
Let’s take a trip back in time… to 1825.  Baltimore resident James Sykes buys a 1000 acre  tract of land in Carroll County on the edge of the Patapsco River.  Like many small towns in  the 1800’s, its growth came from people who set up businesses to serve the needs of area  residents, all who were quite removed from the big city of Baltimore.  A hotel, mills,  churches, general merchandise stores, and a post office all became part of what was to  become Sykesville.  The B&O Railroad built a station there in the mid 1800’s and this small  town grew.
Now let’s jump back to 2015.  The rich past of Sykesville has given the area the  combination of new neighborhoods and fascinating historical buildings.  Spending a day on  Main Street in Sykesville is an easy thing to do with friends and family with a nice collection  of restaurants, shops and historic sites.
If you’ve never visited Sykesville, then next Saturday, November 7th, is your day because it  means it’s time for another beer adventure!  It’s the 2015 Sykesville Main Street Chili &  Beer Festival and it happens from 12noon – 5pm.  It’s an all ages event with free chili  samples for everyone.  And if you’re thirsty for some great craft beer, you’ll be at the right  place.  Enjoy a nice craft beer selection from Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, and Virginia  breweries.  From Maryland: Jailbreak, Heavy Seas, Manor Hill, Flying Dog, Frey’s, Union,  RAR, The Brewer’s Art, and Evolution… and more.  Yards, Troegs and Victory from  Pennsylvania, Devil’s Backbone from Virginia and DC Brau from Washington, DC!
As you enjoy your day, make sure you take advantage of some of the last of the 2015  seasonal craft beers.  Flying Dog’s The Gourd Standard is a stellar pumpkin IPA and  Evolution’s Jacques Au Lantern Pumpkin Ale is fermented with a strain of Belgian Yeast and  is excellent.
Whatever your choice, savor the moment.  Beer is good food.
Jefferson 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy
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October 23, 2015 – Baltimore Craft Beer Festival
Take a look around right now. Here we are starting the last full weekend in October and we have a spectacular Autumn weekend! The colors in nature are busting out and there are a tons of things to do! Get outdoors, take a walk, go for a run, ride your bike, pick pumpkins… and drink incredible craft beer!
Tomorrow is the day for doing just that! Take in the full effect of the fun of Fall at the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival! It starts at 12noon and runs until 6pm at Canton Waterfront Park, on Boston Street in Canton and features 36 Maryland craft breweries! The Baltimore Craft Beer Festival is one of two first class events presented by the Brewers Association of Maryland. The Brewers Association of Maryland, or BAM, was founded in 1996, and has a very clear mission and purpose: to promote and protect Maryland Beer. It’s made up of a great group of people who embrace and celebrate Maryland craft beer!
The Baltimore Craft Beer Festival starts off with a limited attendance session from 12noon- 2pm featuring special Harvest Ales from each brewery. Then at 2pm, it’s General Admission time and your chance to taste some stellar craft beer from… again… 36 Maryland breweries! RavenBeer, Heavy Seas, Manor Hill, Union, Red Shedman, Full Tilt, The Brewer’s Art, Evolution, Oliver, Jailbreak and more---including some very new breweries: Independent from Bel Air, Greenspring from Chesapeake Beach, Key Brewing from Dundalk, Scorpion from Owings and Waverly in Hampden. You’ll get a tasting glass, unlimited samples, and a perfect Fall day with fellow craft beer enthusiasts! There are also buses running from several locations; you can ticket info on the buses at BaltimoreCraftBeerFestival.com.
So as you think about all the things you can do this weekend, save raking the leaves for Sunday and hit the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival tomorrow afternoon at Canton Waterfront Park! It’s definitely on the top of my list!
I’ll see you there!
Jefferson 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy
Twitter: @jwcraftbeerguy
October 16, 2015 – Full Tilt’s Old Line Harvest Ale
There are so many ways we can celebrate craft beer.  And one of the best ways to enjoy craft beer is with friends.  Several years ago I came across a short paragraph from a book about beer that expressed this idea so well.  It’s something like, “We should all keep in mind that beer should be regarded as a food and should be savored in the same way.  Above all, beer should be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.”
Well, earlier this week, I had the chance to do just that.  Nick Fertig and Dan Baumiller are the brewmasters and co-owners of Full Tilt Brewing, brewers of Patterson Pumpkin, The Bay IPA, Fleet Street Wheat, and many more!  Nick and I had been talking about recording some of his comments about Full Tilt beers for this Craft Beer on The Bay feature and he invited me to join him and a bunch of his buddies at a beer tasting “meeting,” a weekly get-together of some super craft beer enthusiasts.  So Monday evening, I hung out in the kitchen of a home in Towson and joined 10 really great guys and tasted some awesome craft beer.  Nick brought along several beers from Full Tilt and I will be featuring those over the coming weeks.  One of the beers Nick brought is only available on draught and is a seasonal craft beer for Fall: Old Line Harvest Ale. 
(Nick Fertig talks about Old Line Harvest Ale. To hear Nick’s audio, click here.)
That’s part of what makes craft beer so amazing---good people.    
So, to be one of the first to try Old Line Harvest Ale.  Hit the Launch Party, tomorrow from 5pm-7pm at Jokers & Thieves in Canton.
Now, what was that quote?  Oh yeah… “Above all, beer should be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.”


Jefferson 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy

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October 9, 2015 – Maryland Craft Beer Tap Take-Over

Most of the time when we hear of a tap take-over, one brewery either dominates the draught handles at the establishment, or the brewery takes over literally every tap!  Either way, tap take-overs are great events to be part of because of the chance to try several beers on draught.
This week, during Baltimore Beer Week, there are a bunch of tap take-overs.  There are too many for me to mention now, but you can find them listed at Baltimore-beer-week-dot-com.  However, there is one that I do want to tell you about because, well… I… am going to be a guest bartender!
The Greene Turtle has a number of events that are part of Baltimore Beer Week and one of them is a tap take-over featuring Maryland craft beers.  Next Thursday, October 15th from 5pm-7pm, join me at The Greene Turtle in Owings Mills for a Maryland Craft Beer Tap Take-Over featuring Evolution, Heavy Seas, Jailbreak, The Brewer’s Art, Flying Dog and Full Tilt.  
The Greene Turtle-Owings Mills bartenders will be there to take great care of you and I’ll be joining them behind the bar serving up delicious fresh draught Maryland craft beer.  Plus I’ll be giving away VIP brewery tour passes and Greene Turtle Mug Club memberships!  The Greene Turtle Mug Club is a cool way to enjoy craft beer and be part of your local Greene Turtle: for $40 you get a lifetime membership and a personalized mug that’s kept at your Greene Turtle.  Then each time you go to your local Greene Turtle, you get your mug and $1 off every draught beer.  As a matter of fact, you can also get that $1 off at any Greene Turtle!
The Greene Turtle has been Maryland’s largest sports bar and grill for 40 years and they take their beer and food seriously.  They have a lot of pride in their craft beer selection and maintain a well-balanced draught list at every location.  During Baltimore Beer Week, they’re showcasing their passion for craft beer with this very cool Maryland Craft Beer Tap Take-Over.
I hope you can make it to the Greene Turtle in Owings Mills next Thursday, October 15th from 5pm-7pm.  I’d enjoy the chance to say hello and celebrate the magic of craft beer with you.


Jefferson 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy

Email: thecraftbeerguy@thebayonline.com

October 2, 2015 – Founder Joe Gold on Baltimore Beer Week 2015

We are approaching one of the best times of the year in Maryland! Baltimore Beer Week starts in just one week, kicking off next Friday, October 9th!

I got together with Baltimore Beer Week co-Founder Joe Gold a couple days ago and he talked about how this fantastic celebration came to be.

(Joe Gold talks about Baltimore Beer Week. To hear Joe’s audio, click here: http://pro.wzba-fm.tritonflex.com/common/page.php?id=3711)

Baltimore Beer Week features events for 10 consecutive days in every county in greater Baltimore and so many of Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Next Friday’s Kick-Off Luncheon is sold-out, but you can join Joe Gold at an event a little later that speaks to the festive nature of Baltimore Beer Week.

(Joe Gold talks about Baltimore Beer Week. To hear Joe’s audio, click here: http://pro.wzba-fm.tritonflex.com/common/page.php?id=3711)

The Opening Tap Celebration is next Saturday at M&T Stadium and things will be happening non-stop everywhere, every day, until Sunday the 18th. Mahaffey’s Pub in Canton, Birroteca in Hampden, Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia, Hudson Street Stackhouse in Canton, and The Greene Turtle in Owings Mills are some of the many locations with special events. It’s all about creativity and fun… like the “big wheel” race at Max’s Taphouse in Fells Point.

(Joe Gold talks about Baltimore Beer Week. To hear Joe’s audio, click here: http://pro.wzba-fm.tritonflex.com/common/page.php?id=3711

It’s a great world we live in. Taste a little of the richness in life during Baltimore Beer Week!


Jefferson 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy

Email: thecraftbeerguy@thebayonline.com


September 25, 2015 – CHEESEtoberfest!

Today’s Craft Beer on The Bay feature is about a really cool craft beer festival with a very unique twist. And if you’re a Bay Text Club member, you’ll have a chance to win a pair of tickets to this awesome event. If you’re not a member yet, go to thebayonline.com, keyword “text”. It’s easy to join.

Now, about this exceptional event: what happens when you take amazing craft beer, an oom-pah band, and add… cheese? It’s CHEESEtoberfest!

On Saturday, October 10th, Fordham & Dominion Brewing are throwing their annual CHEESEtoberfest, an outdoor and undercover craft beer festival featuring Fordham and Dominion craft beers, the Philadelphia German Brass Band, and 25 styles of grilled cheese and mac ‘n’ cheese! When you’re there, you’ll be able to sample the stellar craft beers from Fordham & Dominion Brewing including Fordham’s Spiced Harvest Ale poured through a hundred-pound pumpkin! And, the oom-pah music on an October day will make it feel like Octoberfest. But… this is CHEESEtoberfest! You will be able to sample each of 25 different grilled cheese and mac ‘n’ cheese recipes and then vote on your favorite! At the end of CHEESEtoberfest, trophies designed with a hunk of cheese and a pint of beer will be presented for the best grilled cheese and best mac ‘n’ cheese!

Wanna go? Then text “BEER” to 67129. Five listeners will be randomly selected to win two tickets to CHEESEtoberfest, October 10th at the Fordham & Dominion brewery in Dover, Delaware!


Jefferson 100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy 

Email: thecraftbeerguy@thebayonline.com


September 18, 2015 – Baltimore Beer Week - 2015

Zoom back in time.  It’s 2009 and a couple Baltimore beer enthusiasts team up to start a city-wide event celebrating craft beer.  2009: the year of the first Baltimore Beer Week.  And now it is an annual rite of Fall.  But in 2009, co-founders Joe Gold and Dominic Cantalupo had to take on the exciting, wonderful and… massive… responsibility of spreading the word about this event.  When Joe and I met last year to talk about 2014’s Baltimore Beer Week, Joe explained that putting this together back then meant recruiting bars, pubs and breweries, one by one, to assemble 10 days of beer events.
So here we are in 2015, less than a month away from the 7th Baltimore Beer Week, a tremendous celebration of craft beer, running from Friday, October 9th through Sunday, October 18th.  It starts with the Baltimore Beer Week Kick-off Luncheon at Union Craft Brewing with co-founders Joe Gold, Dominic Cantalupo and Union’s Jon Zerivitz, Adam Benesch and Kevin Blodger and, well, you and me!  Then for the next ten days, craft beer events will be happening everywhere: Baltimore City, and Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Anne Arundel and Howard Counties.  You will love the variety of ways you can enjoy craft beer.  There are “Meet the Brewer” events, tap take-overs---where multiple craft beers are available from one brewery,  and beer lunches, dinners, and even a breakfast with pancakes!  And there are events like the Charm City Chug Run where you drink a beer at the end of each lap, a disc golf tournament, a pumpkin carving with pumpkin beer, a trivia contest, a day where you can watch tap handles being made by hand, and more.
The 7th Baltimore Beer Week starts October 9th!  Mark your calendar and plan some adventures!


 Jefferson                                                                                                                                                                                            100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy                                                                                                                                                Email: thecraftbeerguy@thebayonline.com

September 11, 2015 – Pumpkin Beer is Here!

Pumpkin ales are here! This is one of the most anticipated times of the year for craft beer enthusiasts because of this immensely popular style. And although they’re hitting the shelves of your local liquor store now, the brewing and bottling started in July and August. The result of that advance prepping for this late summer/early fall release means that you can now find an incredible selection of ales, stouts, porters, pilsners and lagers brewed with pumpkin or pumpkin and spices. The variety is absolutely amazing! The best thing to do is to try a lot of different pumpkin beers until you find ones that you absolutely love. There are some where the pumpkin or pumpkin flavored spices are subtle and some where the pumpkin and pumpkin spices are pronounced. All of this makes the journey a lot of fun.

Each year I make a point of buying cases of certain “must haves”; pumpkin beer that I found, through trial and error, to be amazing. The best thing to do is to start off by either buying just a six-pack, or a four-pack, of the pumpkin beer you want to try, or find a place where you can put together a mixed six-pack. With so many variations of pumpkin inspired craft beer, it’ll give you a chance to find the ones that are right for you. Every year, I make a point of trying new pumpkin beer and usually find something new that’s great. A few weeks ago, I bought a four-pack of Captain Pumpkin's Maple Mistress Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Saucony Creek Brewing Company in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and it’s stellar. It’s brewed with butternut squash, rum spices, maple syrup and, of course, pumpkin and tips the scales at 9.5% ABV. It’s rich and complex and easy to drink. And I’ve found a couple other really good, new, pumpkin beers this year, but I’ll save those stories for another time.

So go exploring this weekend. It’s pumpkin time!


 Jefferson                                                                                                                                                                                            100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy                                                                                                                                                Email: thecraftbeerguy@thebayonline.com


September 4, 2015 – Annapolis Craft Beer & Music Festival

There are so many cool things about September: Orioles baseball, Ravens football, lots of warm weather, some cool days, leaves that are still green and a few that are changing and… craft beer festivals and special craft beer events are happening everywhere. In the coming weeks, we’ll have the chance to enjoy fresh, craft beer at the Maryland Microbrewery Festival at Union Mills Homestead in Westminster, September 26th; during the incredible 10- day Baltimore Beer Week with events happening everywhere, October 9th-18th; and at the Maryland Craft Beer Festival, October 24th at Canton Waterfront Park on Boston Street in Baltimore.
Next weekend, you can start your Fall festival tour by going to the Annapolis Craft Beer & Music Festival. It happens next Saturday, September 12th from 12noon-6pm at NavyMarine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis and features over 120 beers from more than 50 breweries! Burley Oak, DC Brau, DuClaw, Eastern Shore, Evolution, Fordham & Dominion, Full Tilt, Heavy Seas, Jailbreak, Oliver, RAR, Troegs, Union, Victory, Weyerbacher and Yards and so many more.  And on top of all of the great craft beer that we all enjoy year-round, there will also be a bunch of seasonal products, including pumpkin ales, Octoberfests, and harvest ales. The Annapolis Craft Beer & Music Festival is a great way to spend part a day next weekend in Annapolis!
And this weekend… well, it’s Labor Day Weekend! So have a backyard beer festival with your family and friends!
100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy 
August 28, 2015 – Pappas Restaurant and Sports Bar
As a fellow craft beer fan, I’m sure you’ve noticed that more and more restaurants and bars are featuring a solid line-up of craft beer. It’s certainly made going out for dinner or drinks a lot more fun. It wasn’t too long ago when we would have to “settle” on a beer choice because we were at a place that hadn’t yet embraced craft beer. But now we have more options and finding a new place to relax and enjoy some great craft beer is part of the adventure!
This week, I visited the new Pappas Restaurant and Sports Bar, on Cranbrook Road in Cockeysville. This spacious and well-designed Pappas location is approaching its one year anniversary and has two distinct spaces: a restaurant for dining and a huge sports bar for… well, watching sports---they have 21 TV screens!---and, of course, for enjoying craft beer! Whether you grab a high-top table, sit in a booth, or sit at the very cool horseshoe shaped bar, you’ll have a prime view of multiple screens.
I met with Tim Miller, the Bar Manager at Pappas in Cockeysville and we talked about their craft beer selection. Pappas has a large craft beer bottle and can menu and also features three always-on-tap craft draught beers---Resurrection from The Brewers Art, Loose Cannon from Heavy Seas and seasonal releases from Sam Adams.
But on top of that, they showcase eight rotating draught lines; the eight change as each sixtel is finished. Sixtels are one sixth of a keg and are great for restaurants and bars that celebrate craft beer, allowing for a steady change in draught selection. The eight additional craft draughts at Pappas this week are Sweetwater’s Sweetwater Blue, Boulevard’s The Calling, Allagash’s Allagash White, Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA, Sixpoint’s Bengali, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale and Southern Tier’s Pumking. And, if you want some craft beer to go, Pappas will fill your growler. It’s a great space and a great place.
So now you have a new craft beer destination in Cockeysville. The only question is… which one to have first!
100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy 
August 21, 2015 – Beer Tasting of Peg Leg from Heavy Seas
Last week, Fred Crudder, Heavy Seas Marketing Director and a serious craft beer enthusiast, described Red Sky at Morning, a fantastic Belgian-style Saison, one of the two beers we tasted while I was visiting the brewery a couple weeks ago.  The other beer we tasted was Peg Leg, an imperial stout that is so spectacular that it’s easy to drink this any time of the year… and, if so inclined, any time of the day!  After you hear Fred describe this incredible beer, you’ll be ready for one right away!
(Fred talks about Peg Leg; please listen to the podcast on this page for Fred’s description and a video of the brewery)
Feeling thirsty now?  I know I am.  Time to pick up some Peg Leg Imperial Stout.  As Fred Crudder says, “It’s one big ball of deliciousness!”
For a video tour of the Heavy Seas Brewery and Tap Room, click here.
100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy 
August 14, 2015 – Beer Tasting of Red Sky at Morning from Heavy Seas
Last week, I visited with Fred Crudder of Heavy Seas Beer. Fred is the Marketing Director for Heavy Seas and a deeply passionate and knowledgeable craft beer man. The Heavy Seas brewery is a first class operation and they make a… boatload… of first class craft beers. We sampled two different brews, Red Sky at Morning and Peg Leg Stout.
Fred’s ability to capture the joy of savoring a delicious beer in a few words is so good that you’ll be thirsty right away. I’m going to save our tasting of Peg Leg Stout for next week and… dive… into a glass of Red Sky at Morning right now. (Fred talks about Red Sky at Morning; please listen to the podcast on this page for Fred’s description and a video of the brewery)
So don’t mess around, and make the easy decision of enjoying a Red Sky at Morning, a wonderful Belgian-style Saison. For a video tour of the Heavy Seas Brewery and Tap Room, click here.
100.7 The Bay’s Craft Beer Guy 
August 7, 2015 – Brewery Tap Rooms
So often when we think about enjoying a great craft beer, we think about stopping in at our local liquor store or visiting our favorite pub or restaurant.  And nothing can replace either of those experiences.  Each is special.  
But part of the craft beer journey means taking on new adventures.  And I have a great one for you to explore!  Plan a visit to a tap room, sometimes called a tasting room, at one of the local breweries.  Not only will you have the chance to enjoy some outstanding craft beer at its freshest, you’ll take in an atmosphere that is different from most bars and restaurants.  Very often, you’re able to see part of the brewing operation.  And even if it’s not visible, you’ll find the space to be interesting and uniquely beer centric.
There are a number of very cool tap rooms right here in Baltimore and I recommend you visit each one.  All of them feature multiple craft beers and all are deliciously fresh!  
RavenBeer brews all of their craft beer at Peabody Heights Brewery, at 401 East 30th Street, not far from Johns Hopkins University and Charles Village.  Their tap room is roomy and you can see part of the brewery from the bar.  Interesting fact: RavenBeer is brewed on the site of the original Oriole Park!  
Union Craft Brewing is located at 1700 Union Street in Woodberry, right on the edge of Hampden.  It features an intimate tap room with a bar that is made from thick wood floor boards that were available when the second floor was removed to make room for the brewing system.  
Heavy Seas has a tap room that is warm and comfortable and features tables built on wooden barrels.  It’s an easy place to spend time and savor amazing craft beer.  Heavy Seas brewery is in the Halethorpe section of Baltimore, at 4615 Hollins Ferry Road.
Jailbreak Brewing’s tap room is a vast, two story open space with a clear glass wall behind the bar providing a cool view of the brewery itself.  Jailbreak is in Laurel at 9445 Washington Boulevard North, officially in what is called Suite F.  But just look for the sign outside---you can’t miss it!
So it’s time for a spontaneous weekend adventure!  Visit a brewery tap room and celebrate life!
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July 31, 2015 – Loose Cannon from Heavy Seas Beer
It’s a wedding anniversary dinner a few years ago and my wife and I are celebrating at an excellent steakhouse. The waiter stops by and asks us if we’d like something to drink. My wife orders a glass of wine and I ask about the craft beer selection. They have a nice lineup and I select one of my favorite craft beers: Loose Cannon, from Heavy Seas Beer.
The table has beautiful tall, deep wine goblets, a wonderful vessel for savoring an ale. When the waiter returns with my wife’s wine and my Loose Cannon, he sets a pilsner glass on the table. I tell him that I’ll pour the beer myself and that he can take away the pilsner glass. I then pour the Loose Cannon IPA into my wine goblet, holding the bottle high so that the beer spills into the center of the glass and creates a rich, thick head. After the head settles, I take a nice drink of this delicious IPA.
A little while later, a couple is seated at a nearby table and when their waiter arrives and takes their drink order, the man orders a big name American beer. In the meantime, I’ve finished my first Loose Cannon and are pouring another one, again, from high above my wine goblet. I see the neighboring couple looking at my pour and think nothing of it. Later, the gentleman nearby orders a well-known import as his second beer as I appreciate my second Loose Cannon. The dinner my wife and I have ordered arrives.
Part way through dinner, I decide to have a third Loose Cannon---it really is that good. I again give it a high pour into the wine goblet and watch the head rise up the glass. A few minutes later, I have another taste, admiring the color and taking in the aroma of this spectacular IPA. I, again, notice the couple next to my wife and me looking at my beer.
The waiter at the table next to us arrives to check on his customers. As before, I overhear some of the order taking process. When the waiter asks the man at the table if he’d like to have another well-known import beer, the man points toward our table and responds, “No thank you. I want to have what that guy is having.”
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