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Who would have thought someone like Ozzy Osbourne would want to stop the party?!  Looks like a Baltimore Bar has cramped his style, so he is making sure they put the can down.  The can of beer, that is.  Brewer's Art  Pub down on Charles street has a strong Belgian pale ale that they sell called "Ozzy".   That doesn't sit well with the Prince of Darkness, so he has sent a cease and desist letter to the pub saying knock it off!  The ale is also sold in cans in some liquor stores with Ozzy's actual hand tattoo of O-Z-Z-Y on the front of the can.  One of the owners of Brewer's Art, Tom Creegan says they're negotiating to keep the brand going.  

While they're trying to work things out, come by and have a Natty Boh with me at our Opening Day party on Monday!!



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