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Keep your hands off this one...  the picture that is!   The coolest thing about the Bay Classic Rock Art Show is that you get to see photos of your favorite rockers in rare form.  Yes, there are plenty of pictures of the bands captured live onstage, but  the best ones, to me, are where you see them living life off the stage - just goofing off.  This one of Mick and Keith, entitled "Boxers or Briefs" is a favorite of mine, so be prepared to fight over it if there's only one:)  There's a lot more to browse through and/or purchase at the art show this weekend:  posters, paintings, drawings, on-the-spot Ron Campbell pieces - you could very well start and finish your holiday shopping in one weekend!  Here's the complete activity schedule - hope to see you there my fellow music lovers!!   Colleen

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