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20 Minute Trivia for Wednesday 4/12

Apr 12, 2017 -- 7:40am

Q… According to this study there is nothing better for your salary than having five of these … what is it?


A… Letters in your name 


A career website called The Ladders wanted to find the connection between your NAME and your salary.  So they analyzed the names, jobs, and salaries of almost six million people, and came up with some great conclusions. 


First off, there's nothing better for your salary than having a FIVE-LETTER NAME.  In fact, for every letter OVER five, the average salary dropped $3,600.  It leveled off around nine letters . . . at $14,400 less than people with five-letter names.


In other words, if you've got a nickname, you might want to use it professionally.


For example, the study found that Steve, Bill, Debbie, and Chris all have higher salaries than Stephen, William, Deborah, and Christopher.


People with four-letter first names made slightly LESS than people with five-letter names . . . but more than anyone with six-letter names or more.  And people with THREE-letter names made significantly less than four- or five-letter names.


The shorter version of a name also made more than the longer version of the same name in virtually every case.  For example, someone named Sarah with an "h" at the end makes less on average than Sara without the "h."


And check out the five HIGHEST-PAID NAMES for men and women . . .


The five highest paid names for women are Lynn, Melissa, Cathy, Dana, and Christine.


And the five female names most likely to be CEO are Christine, Denise, Cindy, Shannon, and Sarah.


The five highest paid names for MEN are Tom, Rob, Dale, Doug, and Wayne.


And the five male names most likely to be CEO are Bob, Lawrence, Bill, Marc, and Martin. 


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