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20 Minute Trivia for Friday 2/10

Feb 10, 2017 -- 7:37am

Here is today’s 20 Minute Trivia:

Q… Just over 10% of the people in this survey say they started doing this at work after working late… what is it?

A… Started dating a co-worker.


A new survey by Career Builder found 41% of us have dated a co-worker.  So if you're alone for Valentine's Day, maybe just send out a mass email to everyone.  It's a numbers game, people.

12% of people who've dated a coworker say it started because of a late night at work.  Having drinks after work, and running into each other outside of work tied for second with 10% . . . lunch was third with 9% . . . and another 9% said it was love at first sight.

Here are five more stats from the survey . . .

1.  29% of people who've dated a co-worker said it was someone in a higher position at the company.  15% dated their boss, meaning their immediate supervisor.

2.  19% of office romances involved at least one person who was married at the time.

3.  38% of people who've dated a co-worker said they had to keep it a secret.

4.  An impressive 30% of office romances led to marriage.  And only 5% of people who've dated someone at work ended up leaving their job because of it.

5.  7% of people in the survey said there's CURRENTLY someone in their office they'd like to date. 

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